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(Archived) Impossible to search for date if I change date (created or updated)



Hi all!

If I modify created or update date (to emulate "due date") i can't search by created: or updated:.

To be more precise, i can search but EVERNOTE retain the "real" date.

It would be fantastic to save search to show today, this week or this month note!

Thanks to all EVERNOTE TEAM! You are fantastic! :-)

Bye to all

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If I'm understanding you correctly, you want to change the date created but have Evernote still retain the date the note really was created...??? If that's the case, never going to happen. The date created is the date created. If you change it, EN will not retain the original value.

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Yes, you understand right my bad english! :-) sorry. Can you try? If I change date from 1 december to 2 december and I try to search created:day+1, EN don't find anything. Instead If I search created:day, EN show me note with created date modified in 2 december.

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First, I am not affiliated with EN. (See my sig.)

Second, as far as I can tell, created:day+1 is not a valid search. Evernote interprets that as any note created since today starting with "1". Probably because a valid created/updated date cannot occur in the future.

If you search on created:20121202 then the note should show up.

If you search on created:day, it looks like that gets notes with created dates of today & in the future. I'm guessing it doesn't check for a date rollover, again b/c a valid date created (or updated) cannot occur in the future.

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Created:day+1 is a valid search

Not on the Windows client. EN interprets that as created today & starting with "1".

Also created:20121202 don't work.

I mistyped & it should be created:20111202 & yes, that works on Windows & brings up a note with a created date of 12/2/11.

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I am wondering if created:20111202 is failing on the mac client due to a search bug. I just tested it on the mac client and it doesn't work, BUT putting in a current or past date DOES work. For instance, created:20111130 is correctly returning all notes created on or after Nov 30, 2011.

Ever since the last update, I have had issues with searching on Created and Updated dates in the mac client. For instance, the syntax for finding notes BEFORE a particular date used to work and no longer does, due to a bug.

I have never tested searching on future dates like this before, but I DID do extensive saved searches using created: and updated: in earlier versions that worked flawlessly until the most recent version. So I am guessing that something got broken in that version, and perhaps it broke this part as well.

Just throwing in there that this might be a bug, rather than deliberate differences between mac and windows. Hopefully the issues will get fixed up soon.

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