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(Archived) Copy Note Link not working for me



I'm a HUGE Evernote fan, but I use Omnifocus for GTD. I'm trying to link to notes using the copy link functionality. My intent is to have a task for a project in Omnifocus with a link back to the Evernote note.

The link seems to copy into Omnifocus (and other apps like Pages or Word, etc.), and is clickable. However, when I click the link it jumps to my Finder window and stops. It doesn't bring up the Evernote folder in Finder, does not bring up Evernote, just goes to that window and stops.

Am I missing a step?

This would be an incredibly powerful combination for me if I could get it to work.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Figured it out. Interesting tidbit with Evernote and OS X Lion.

With multiple Desktops now, if you have Evernote originally assigned to a specific Desktop and then move it, what happens when clicking the link is that the link takes you to whatever app is in the originally assigned Desktop.

A simple Right Click, Options, All Desktops, and then None fixed it.

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