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(Archived) Move Locally Stored Files?



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Not sure what you mean? You want to put your data on an external drive? Or you don't want to download anything at all? If you don't want to download anything at all then you have to use the web service.

Not sure about running from an external drive - you could try setting up a symbolic link from user/library/application support/evernote to wherever you want your data to be which might work.

I'd open a support case - they probably have a method for this that will save you messing around.

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i started a thread with the exact same question. i'd like to put evernote on my macbook air (it is there today), but i have several gigabytes in evernote, and it seems a shame to clutter up my drive with it all.

ideally, i would like to sync like i do with my ipad--designating some folders as available offline and others left in the cloud.

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