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(Archived) Feature Request - Paste from HTML and/or Wiki source

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There are many ways of generating HTML source or Wiki source such as from

Firefox tabs to include the title and the url and other meta data. I can format the

data in any manner but I want the pasted result to be include list items and links.

Suggest context additional context menu besides the first three

* Copy Ctr+C

* Paste Ctrl+V

* Paste as Text Ctr+Shift+V

* Paste from HTML source code

* Paste from Wiki source code

The following would also be useful such as converting

a selection from Evernote to paste into something else

* Copy as HTML code

* Copy as Wiki code

Source I can generate from Firefox extensions such as from tabs might look like this, one

can choose from many self-created formats at the time of copying, the facility is already

available outside of Evernote, just want the ability to insert HTML code and/or Wiki code.

(the first line is the title and pattern and the lines following are examples of generated code)

HTML <LI> Link: --------- <LI><a href="%URL_HTMLIFIED%">%TITLE_HTMLIFIED%</a>

<LI><a href="http://battellemedia.com/">John Battelle's Searchblog</a>

<LI><a href="http://blogs.nybooks.com/">NYRblog - The New York Review of Books</a>

<LI><a href="http://jordychens.blogspot.com/">Blogger: Blog not found</a>


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