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(Archived) Mac App Store shows 3.0.4 but 3.0.3 is installed?



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dlu, sorry, but I find your statement confusing.

Do you mean that the actual version installed is 3.0.4?

My version reads "3.0.4 (206275)", and says no updates are available.

I updated over a week ago using the direct EN update.

But I do not see any of the animations with the show/hide Left Panel button that you mentioned in another thread.

Bottom line: How do I make sure I have updated to the latest released or beta version of EN Mac?

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I am experiencing the same problem as "mnwarren". Just today (11/30/2011), I "uninstalled" Evernote.app by deleting it from my /Applications folder. Then, I used the MacStore App to re-download it & re-install it. Unfortunately, I get the same result with Evenote.app's "About" still saying I have "Version 3.0.3 (206260)" instead of 3.0.4. Finder (GetInfo) also says the newly installed Evernote.app file is version 3.0.3.

I no longer believe this is just a problem with the version number because I do NOT see any of the features that are new in version 3.0.4.

Something is clearly wrong with the file being downloaded from the Apple Mac Store.

This problem is happening on both my Apple iMac (desktop) and my Apple MacBook Pro (laptop). Both these Apple computers are running Apple's Snow Leopard (Mac OSX 10.6.8).

Hopefully, somebody from Evernote can resolve this problem.

Earlier, I submitted a problem ticket to Evernote about this same problem. So far, they just say they are investigating it.

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