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(Archived) Total Recall

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I've used the "remember it for you wholesale" tag as part of my 'occasional' explanations to colleagues and friends that Evernote Can Be Good For You. Thanks to the Schwarzenegger classic :( (Philip K Who?) most people seem to get the reference. Now the remake is coming out in 2012 can we expect any product placement?

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Colin Farrell will log into Evernote, only to discover his notes have been replaced (gasp!). Memories of his past vacations to Cabo, his family, his job, his favorite wines--all will have been replaced with documents pointing to a secret revolution, brimming with intrigue on Mars. He finds a special folder, overflowing with tags and marked "Travel". Inside it contains a new identity, a Mars passport, and two tickets to the red planet.

Eerily, his note history reveals nothing. Even with Premium Support, Farrell is unable identify the source of his new memories, and the dark actor moving betwixt the lines of his new identity and with it, his new mission.

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