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Feature Request: Edit HTML Option

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An advanced option that might allow for a note to be right-clicked and have the option to "Edit HTML" of that particular note. I know and have done my own searching to edit some notes where occasionally some code made it over to the note and throws off how things appear, but it would be a welcome option to quickly edit some of the HTML in a note if so desired.

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The ENML editor is a 3rd-party tool. You'd need to ask the author. It's nto clear that Evernote will be delivering any such functionality any time son, but you never know.

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ENML editor was created with the following tools and systems (open-sourced):

Evernote is not open sourced and has no support for 'plugins'?

Nevernote is!!! so it depends...

In that case solution could be stand alone application...

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I think the answer is here

[Nevernote-announce] NixNote / NeverNote Version 1.0


Finally, I'd like to point out that this release adds the ability to

view and edit the source HTML of a note. This can be useful if you

have problems saving a note or to tweak the formatting. The thing to

remember is that it will still try to cleanup any invalid HTML so it

can be synchronized with Evernote, so formatting may still be modified

after saving. It also won't prevent you from doing anything foolish

like editing encrypted text or changing resource GUIDs so be careful.



Thanks, Randy :P

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Whilst ENML editor is great (and I use it often), as Greg mentions, it's a bit of a risk giving up your Evernote account to a 3rd party service. If you want an alternative, (as I posted in the Windows forum) I've made a simple bookmarklet that will popup the HTML source view in the web version of Evernote; it injects the mceCodeEditor into the Evernote TinyMCE instance - and unlike ENML-editor, doesn't need access to your Evernote account (i.e. your content never leaves your browser window)


Details at http://seb.so/html-source-editor-for-evernote-web-a-bookmarklet/ !

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You may be interested to check out Seb's blog post again. It now links my brand new user-script for Evernote HTML editing with a convenient toolbar button. See the picture here:



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