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(Archived) [feature request] - night reading mode


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I really like Android for Evernote on my Galaxy S, much better experience than it was on iOS.

A feature request - please add the night reading mode option for text:

- white background gets black, text is getting white (or something more flexible, like changing the color of text/background in the desktop app that would also syncronize?).

- Images should stay original (not negative!) of course in night mode.



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I don't know how to do it on Android, but in iOS you can go to your Settings and adjust it so that three clicks on the home button will make the display high contrast (black background / white text). The functionality is built into the device.

It seems likely to me that Android devices would have this option as well. I use Android myself, but haven't spent the time to look for such a feature. Anyone know if it is there?

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AFAIK there is a dim button on the power management widget to reduce the brightness of the display but this is all - I do not know any native high-contrast settings for Android.

Please implement it in Evernote, maybe with contrast adjustable by a slider.

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I would like to reinforce this request.

My Evernote for Andoid has become a 100% substitute for paper in note taking, etc.

And there has been more than one time when I had to give up taking notes of presentations in a dark rooms because the brightness of my screen disturbs everybody around. Even when I set the brightness to minimum, it is still too bright and people around me get *really* angry.

So my request is a mode with totally black screen and white letters.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Happy holidays,


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