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(Archived) Bug: Not able to user EN-Android after changing the password

Guest mrossk

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I have changed my Evernote password via windows-browser. After doing this it was not possible to access Evernote (Build 207341 3.3.1 public) from my Android (Nexus S) anymore. I was asked for my new password, I entered it and it was accepted. But from this time, every time when I wanted to sync I got an error message (I don't know the message any more).

I tested it some times more, restartet my phone but still can't access my account any more.

I needed urgent access to my notes so I don't had the time to make more tests and so...

I deinstalled evernote

I deleted the complete database-folder on the virtual sd card (Nexus S has a built in sd-card)

I installed evernote again

After this I was able to access my notes again.

Some time later when I had more time I enabled my offline-notebooks again and waited a few hours until these notebooks are downloaded to my phone (via wifi).

Everything is OK now.

But It really should be possible to change the passwort without this procedure!

Please check this out.

I don't have any logs because I have deleted everything from evernote before re-installing it to be sure I have access to it again as quick as possible.


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