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(Archived) Can't edit notes


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Whenever I try to edit a note I get the following error message:

"Create note error

Please wait till the default notebook is synced to the device"

I synced evernote successfully multiple times, but I keep get this error message every time I try to edit a note. Please let me know what I need to do to get evernote working properly again.

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Hmmm... can't create a note either. Tried a reboot, which doesn't solve the problem.

This is honestly getting tiresome. First Evernote stops working under Wine, then eventually I find a working NixNote, so now that's working, the official Android client stops working!

I couldn't complain about running under WIne or NeverNote/NixNote because they're unsupported, and I can accept that, but this is the official client, and I'm not happy.

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AFTER submitting the ticket I looked at the base forum for this. Right at the top is a pinned statement about Beta 3 saying you should log out and back in again due to database issues. I tried this, even though I've never been a beta tester, and it worked ;)

Problem solved. Perhaps something about this, including the error message, could be included in the pinned message to aid any future google searches :)

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For everyone that had the No Default Notebook problem where they couldn't create a new note:

1. Was your account working fine on the phone and then just stopped being able to create notes? If so, what happened around that time, an upgrade or something else?

2. Assuming #1 is true, about how long have you had Evernote installed and logged in on your device (phone or tablet)?

Thank you for your help,


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I had just used the snapshot function for the first time and checked to see if it had uploaded to my computer. When I then tried to edit a note, I kept getting that same error message. By doing what was suggested on this forum, i.e. logging out, then back in, it started working correctly again.

I've only been using if for about 2 weeks.

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