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(Archived) Feature Request - Courier New Font



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You can still use the font by navigating through the menus. It's just a bit of an inconvenience not having it on the note editor.

i don't understand what you mean. i see it in the drop down list of fonts. what exactly are you wanting evernote to do? if you want, you can set the default font to courier new (i did).

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My client only shows it in the drop down list if you've already used that font in the note. For new notes I have to go through the menus. Maybe yours is showing the font in the drop down list because it is set as your default font.

I'm not on my macbook right now but I'll try to get a screenshot later to show what I mean.

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Is there any way to add fonts to the drop-down menu? Apparently, as GrumpyMonkey attests, setting a font as the default will add it to the drop-down menu, but is there any way to add two or more fonts to that menu?

I asked Evernote tech support and they said no.

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