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(Archived) Feature Request: keyboard shortcut for showing Evernote window



I have a little feature request that I guess would be easy to introduce:

I would love to have a keyboard shortcut to show Evernote main window, just as happens in many mac applications.

I usually open Evernote, look for something and just close the window (⌘+W) but leave the app open. When I want to go back to Evernote I use the app navigator shortcut (⌘+TAB) to focus on Evernote app, but I am not able to bring the main window to front unless I click the Dock icon (so the ⌘+TAB becomes useless).

It would be great to have an item in the "window" menu to "show Evernote window", and have a keyboard shortcut assigned to it (such as ⌘+1, which is used in other apps). This way I could see Evernote window just by selecting the app with ⌘+TAB and the hitting ⌘+1.

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Well, that is another way of doing it, but I would find the same issue. In my particular case I am a hard keyboard user, and use keyboard shortcuts a lot. If I minimise Evernote window I cannot recall it when switching to Evernote with the ⌘+TAB shortcut, I would need to click Evernote's icon or the minimised window on the Dock, just the same that happens when closing the window (I need to click Evernote icon to reopen it).

It's not a big issue, just the way I'm used to work with a lot of keyboard shortcuts rather than the trackpad/mouse. Having a keyboard shortcut to recall Evernote's window would allow me to switch apps without using the trackpad, just with ⌘+TAB and "Evernote's main window shortcut". That's the way I work with apps that keep the information after closing their window (like Mail or iTunes).

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You can use the Search in Evernote shortcut - I've changed mine from the default but if you look in Preferences you'll be able to see what it is.

I just tested closing the app window and then using the shortcut opened the window and put the focus in the search box.

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Thanks very much for your answer, that's a good idea and worked fine for me (when I figured out it wasn't the search in notes shortcuts ⌥⌘F o ⌘F but the global ctrl⌘E shortcut).

In addition I just realized there is already a shortcut for showing Evernote window... :) should have looked better. It is an action under the Archive menu called "New Evernote Window" and it has the shortcut ⌥⌘N assigned. I expected to find it under the Window menu (as happens on other apps).

Thanks for your help again, and sorry for bothering with a feature request that already existed.

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