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(Archived) Clip to Evernote Error

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I get the following error:

You are not currently logged into Evernote and your browser does not accept external cookies.

Once signed in, you can clip whole web pages or select portions of a page in a single click.

whenever I'm trying to clip data from non-evernote pages (I'm not joking... the clip feature works on your blog, forum, but not when I navigate to another page on the 'net) :?

Computer: Macbook

Browser: Firefox 3.0.1

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Please try disabling any add-ons you've installed into Firefox. For example, if you have the "CookiePie" add-on, that is known to break Evernote's web UI.


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Thanks Dave.

I uninstalled every add-on, but left LeechBloch (Too much of a pain to disable/uninstall... besides, I need to keep it installed). Problem still occurs on every page but evernote pages. So weird. Alas, I need LeechBloch more than clip to evernote.

Thanks anyway.

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I think this is similar to an error I was getting with FF on my windows box (and I use leechblock too). The solution for me was in my ff options. Turned out I was allowing cookies, but not "third-party" cookies. Could this be the problem for you?

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