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(Archived) Cannot create Ordered/Unordered Lists on SE Xperia Arc


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Hi all

I have Evernote on my Sony Erricson Xperia Arc. I am facing a problem right now, which seems like I cannot insert a 'new line' in a note. What I can do is insert a line break when I press the 'Enter' key. What that means is that when I press the 'Enter' key on my Xperia Arc, it inserts a 'line break' like you do when you hit 'Shift + Enter' on a PC. What this does is I cannot add items to ordered/unordered lists. It only brings the cursor to the next line, and does not create a new bullet point. I have tried hitting various key combinations but nothing helps.

Please help me on this guys..



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I have the same problem on my (or my wifes really) Sony Xperia Ray. It affects checkboxes too, which currently makes it impossible for us to use Evernote for shared lists.

I'm trying to get my wife into Evernote, and be able to use shared lists between us would be a great starting point to get her to see the use.

I too would be really glad for suggestions,


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