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(Archived) Help! How to clean up evernote?



I have two evernote accounts, so I wanted to switch to another one while I was using one which I found out I can't, well, I tried to find solution on google, and I found a software named evernote switcher or something, I was happy that I can use two accounts when I saw the software.

but... It turned out to be *****! Now the data of two accounts just mixed up and couldn't sync any more, but the online version is all right, just the app on mac went crazy. I want to uninstall and reinstall it to get my data back, but the new evernote always automatically take account information from the previous one. So I get the mixed up evernote back, It drives me crazy, help me out if someone know what's going on with my evernote, Thanks!!

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If all the content on the web service is correct then you should delete the data from your machine.

Evernote data is stored in user/library/application support - just delete the whole evernote folder and then start the app and do a sync.

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