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(Archived) Suggestion: auto copy colored text to a colored note

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I've noticed that I have many "to do" notes spread throughout different notebooks, different projects, etc. But when something is HOT I mark the to do in red:

- Task 1

- Task 2

- Task 3

I have a few reds in different notes. I'd love to have a note called NOW where all the reds from different notes are appended automatically. So, I create a new task in red, it goes to the red note, I erase it, it erases itself from the "aggregator". The same concept could apply to a RED notebook where new notes are copied automatically according to a tag or color, etc.

This could be customized (which note, which notebook, and which color)

Is it too crazy?

ANY TIP OR SUGGESTION to simulate this and have all my "now" in one place?

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What client are you using? (and please post to the appropriate forum for your client, so that you can get appropriate advice)

I doubt that this will happen, since notes are atomic (the smallest unit of Evernote content) in Evernote. About the best thing you could do is mark such a note with a 'Now' tag, and filter your notes on the 'Now' tags to see all notes with a HOT task.

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