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Did I miss a meeting? Just had a look at my 'My Account' page, and noticed a little link to Increase Upload Allowance.. which a few posters here have been rather keen on.. Haven't seen an announcement, so sorry if 1) I didn't read something I should've, or 2) I just jumped the gun, but Well Done guys! I got perilously close to the limit last month and was making some contingency plans that I fortunately didn't have to use. But now I can rely on spending a little extra cash to get an emergency uplift if I need it. I am not worthy...

Thanks though to the Evernote team for adding the stuff we ask for! (..pretty often..) ;)

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I hardly even get close to reaching my monthly upload cap. Don't know how I reach 1GB in a month. I gotta step up my note taking!

No worries. All you need to do is back up around 5 years of documentation in a single sitting. Get to it!

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