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Hello and happy holidays.

New to Evernote. After typing a note (Mainly using this as a journal) is there a way to "hide" what you just typed? Got to be some kind of view or format. I would rather not have the last displayed note still showing up on the screen when I am done. I even closed and reopened the program and it was still there.


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Just do not like the fact that my last note shows up for everybody to read everytime I open evernote. Maybe its personal and in a public setting.

I don't know what situation you're in where you (apparently) regularly have people looking over your shoulder as you open EN. Plus, you don't mention what client you're using, since this is posted in the "general" section. But if you regularly use your laptop for demo'ing stuff (with people watching you as you get set up), I would suggest you have two accounts. One for personal & one for business. If you're on Windows, you can have both databases on your computer. If Mac, that's doable but not as easily. Or, you can use one account with the web client.

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You could try encrypting the text you don't want people to see. That way if the note does pop-up all they will see is a grey lock box where the text should be.

Forgot to mention how to do this. Just select the text in Evernote you want to encrypt and then right click on it and select Encrypt Text. Then setup a passphrase(be sure to remember it) for it and you're all set.

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