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(Archived) Evernote Problems, feedback and features for Ink Notes usage as Student

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I've been using EverNote rarely until very recently, when I started studies.

This time, I am using my special laptop - the Dell Latitude XT2, which is perfectly designed as Convertible Tablet, with multi-touch screen and Pen based on N-Trig technology, with Windows 7.

I've been initially thinking a lot what to use - Microsoft OneNote, or something else, until someone showed me how Evernote is great to organize notes using Tags, and I liked it (because the idea works good in Gmail).

And so, I've begun the pioneer experiment :) (to my knowledge and Google searches, no one uses Evernote as studies notebook, there is no such section even in the Usage forum section of Evernote).

So after about a month of working and struggling with it, I would like to bring my feedback here, hopefully some of it would be implemented soon - I don't even mind purchasing the Premium subscription, if I knew it helped me assure more intuitive functionality for Ink note taking.

so, without further intro, the issues I've had to fight with so far:

  • Printing - When Ink Note sent to print, the automatic color (blue) comes out kind of Grey - it should be black for readability.
  • ​ Ex-portability - It seems the only way to get the note outside in a widely known format, is as .MHT file which is a very old Internet Explorer format - I would LOVE to do so as a PDF file! It is weird to submit assignments as .MHT files on email, rather than widely acceptable PDF file format :)
  • Printing Ink notes: There is a big problem with notes longer than A4 paper: They get cut off without any warning, sometimes half the line on one page, half on the other - this is VERY bad ;) - a quick and relatively easy solution to implement, would be to add some kind of market in the Note itself, marking the end of an A4 sized page, which would allow me to skip the edge and write lines after that edge, so printing would be OK.
  • When printing, I have not found a way to get rid of the margins, and at least use all the space on the page.
  • Crashes often when synchronizing desktop computers with the Ink notes created on my Laptop.
  • Crashes sometimes when I rotate my screen on the laptop (and resolution changes to match).
  • Crash issues I have sent, and provided log files for - are gone.. I cant track their status, cant find their ticket.. nothing.
  • Ink notes are way behind the normal notes in functionality - I cant copy/paste text, or picture snippet etc -
    sometimes I really want to copy/paste the exercise instead of switching windows to the word/pdf file all the time, and it seem to be impossible.
  • Search function is limited and hard to use: there is no easy way to filter by 2 different tags (for example, filter by "Probability" AND "Assignment" AND "Documents" tags, which would then display me all the probability notes which are assignments, and are documents (like PDF, or word files), or instead of "Documents" tag, a "Solution" tag which would show the solutions only.
  • Creation date modification feature needed - sometimes I missed a lecture, and I need to write it later, but then the sorting by Creation date (which normally would show me the real lecture's chronological order) gets broken because I created the document later - I would like to be able to modify the creation date to adjust for the real time the lecture took place.
  • Sometimes, due to lack of time and other reasons, I am forced to continue next lecture (on the same subject) in the previous lecture's Ink Note - I would love a mechanism which would allow me later to split it into 2 separate notes - the current cut/paste methods are not good enough for large long blocks.
  • Email Sharing of Ink notes - The sent sharing email is totally useless, and unclear what to do with the file.. I cant really use that function to share the assignment with friends, or to submit it to the teacher either.

This is all for now, I would love to hear what other people think of the above, and of anyone else who uses Evernote for Studies.

This is the largest potential market for Evernote, and would be shame to see it not getting the attention it obviously needs.


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re PDF: you get your hands on a PDF printer driver, which allows you to configure your printer to output print jobs as PDF files. There are many free ones available: CutePDF, PrimoPDF, etc. etc.

re tagging: if you have a number of combinations that you search for a lot, then you can make saved searches to handle the frequent cases. Otherwise you can multi-select tags from the tag tree, or just type them into the search edit box: "tag:Probability tag:Solution". To save time and typing, you can use the '*' wildcard: "tag:Prob* tag:Sol*"

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