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(Archived) Timestamp shortcut

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I find myself questioning why I bother paying for the premium service. Evernote never seems to take note of what users are requesting.

The Windows version has a keyboard shortcut for inserting a timestamp in a note. Not so with the Mac version. How bloody difficult can it be to add this feature to the iPad version and the Mac desktop version?

Do a google search and you will see that a lot of users have requested this feature for a long time. Yet the team at Evernote seems to ignore them. Evernote is a great product, but at the first instance of an alternative, I'm jumping ship unless the developers start listening to their paying customers.

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Have they created a timestamp for the iPad version of Evernote?

No. Not as far as I know. If the timestamp is a critical feature for you, then you may want to try the FastEver XL integration. It is a great example of an app that does relatively little, but does it really well. For time stamps it allows considerable customization. Mine looks like this.

12-12-11 07:42:46

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