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(Archived) Multiple Accounts in a Client

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Howdy all,

I have a quick question. Can a client on a computer have multiple accounts? Further, can a notebook be assigned to one or more accounts but excluded from others?

If I can create a personal account and a corporate account and manage both from my home computer that would be incredible. This would allow for collaborative work, yet allow me to keep my own things separate.

On a related note, can multiple clients be logged into the same account at once? This is obviously key to this working. I'm starting a small business and will be using Evernote if this at least is possible.



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Two people who use the same PC can use separate accounts. On Windows, you can Close one account and then log in to the other. On the Mac, you need to have separate Mac desktop logins.

The contents of each account are completely separate, including all of the notebooks in that account.

You may also just want to consider using separate notebooks for work vs. personal stuff. Notes in one notebook cannot be seen from any other notebook, so this provides a pretty good separation.

Multiple clients can access the same account, but if you have different people using them at the same time, you need to be careful not to make conflicting changes in both places. E.g. if you edited the same note from two different clients at the same time, and then synched them, the second one to sync will get a local conflict. Editing directly through the web UI mostly avoids this problem, since everyone is looking at the current state of the service.

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So if there are two accounts on the same PC which one the clipping works with?

It will clip into whichever account is open in the main Evernote application at the time.

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