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(Archived) What happened to the Advanced search options: created and updated



I recently updated my mac with the latest version of evernote running on lion.

I was using the updated and created search options to prune out old notes (similar to what Ruud Hein describes).

However my searches aren't working anymore.

It doesn't recognize the "-" symbol.

My search -updated:day-365 used to give me all the notes updated over 1 year ago.

Now that search doesn't work anymore. It gives me all the notes updated within the last year.

Similar problem with created.


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Ouch, I just noticed this too. It also fails if you go into Attributes > Created > Before. Selecting say "Before Today" gives you the exact same result as "Since Today." This is clearly a bug. Hoping for a fix soon - I have a number of saved searches that used these attributes and right now they are useless.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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