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(Archived) Cannot edit post here ?

Mata Hari


I have noticed that in this new Forum, my posts cannot be always be edited (as compared to the old Forum)

What is the reason for this ? I can edit this post body but not title and not a reply to another member topic.

Nor can I delete this topic

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Guess BNF Evangelist is- judging of his comments- very cynical

His reply amounts to "so what?" or "is that a problem ?"

Yeah. Pretty much. (nods head)


My post should be taken for the words I wrote...

Guess you'll just have to be more careful when choosing a title. Life goes on.

If it's problematic for you to select an accurate subject line when creating a thread, then I would suggest there are other, more important issues in your life than being able to edit the subject line of a thread on a message board for a piece of software you repeatedly profess to hate & have abandoned for Word. (breath)

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