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(Archived) Android Widget, I have one problem with it...


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Android Widget, I have one problem with it, it always asks for me to install Evernote even though it is installed. The Widget is loaded before the App is detected on my Verizon Samsung Fascinate. I am so annoyed by this I joined this forum to tell you I am uninstalling this until you fix it. The best fix is put a checkbox to never have this popup show up again.

This is the only thing I have ever had to complain about Evernote, fix this to restore your perfect record with me.

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As of August 3, 2012, this problem still exists.

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note with stock ICS. I install a 1x1 action widget and it works fine for a day or two, then it complains that I have to install the app again.

When I go to the store, it shows that the app is already installed (of course). The only fix is to delete the widget and reinstall it.

Hope you can fix this. It's a really annoying bug in an otherwise excellent product.

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