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(Archived) REQUEST: Time and date stamp keyboard shortcut [OUTDATED—IMPLEMENTED]



I've been using the Windows client for many years, with occasional use on my personal Mac. I'm switching to a Mac for work now and noted that:

a) The shortcuts don't really match... while some obvious ones do (e.g., control-n and command-n), many do not (e.g., start bullet or numbered lists). I find this odd and annoying given I will still be switching between platforms, potentially on a daily basis.

B) I constantly use EN to log meeting notes and minutes. I must use the 'insert current date/time' shortcut 10 times a day (on Windows). In my first meeting on the Mac -- and there's nothing! I cannot even find a menu option to do it. Weird.

Is there a proper way to log Product feedback to the EN team?


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The proper way is to post in the forum, as you did; Evernote staff do read them all, even if they don't reply to them. For out-and-out bugs, particularly where your data is at risk, you're usually better off filing a support ticket (but do check the forums first, in case someone else has encountered the same problem as you).

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1. The long term aim is to have as consistent an experience as is possible across the clients. However, pace of development is different on different platforms and it's pretty obvious that they are never going to be identical.

2. Take a look at Textexpander - it's a great app for OS X that allows you to create short pieces of text that it then expands into larger bits. I use it for dates, email sigs, my conference call bridge, bits of legalese and a whole bunch of other stuff.

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I was about to start a topic about this before I thought about searching for "Windows" in the Mac forum. The Mac has interface guidelines and practices that are worth respecting -- a Mac app should look like a Mac app -- and while this is looser in Windows it's also awkward when the Mac looks is forced (c.f. Safari).

BUT. Interface convergence is necessary. I used EN on the Mac and the iPod Touch for a while before putting it on my work computer, and everytime I sit at it I feel like I'm learning to use a new program! On the other hand, very useful things are in Windows at a click's reach, like filtering for notes created on a mobile. (These will often need classifying into notebooks, tagging or even typing down photographed notes that are rushed and hard to read, but still fresh in mind; I always take five minutes on the evening to sweep down my EN to review the mobile ideas of the day)

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I must use the 'insert current date/time' shortcut 10 times a day (on Windows). In my first meeting on the Mac -- and there's nothing! I cannot even find a menu option to do it. Weird.

TextExpander is a great option if you need a lot of capability/flexibility.

If you want something simple and free you can try:

WordService 2.8 by Devontechnologies

I'm running Lion 10.7.2 and it works great!

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Just confirming...there is no date/time insert, correct? I too have been looking and really need it but cannot find it. All the old EN forum posts redirect to the new discussions.evernote.com...so I was unable to look. But I suspect I am going to be disappointed in the answer...

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I couldn't quite bring myself to spend the money for TextExpander sight unseen, so I tried the WordService link (earlier in the discussion from JMichael), and did the following with passable results.

Create home/Library/Services

Open WordService, copy WordService.service into home/Library/Services and restart

Mac Menu > System Preferences > Keyboard

On the Keyboard tab, choose the Services menu on the left, which brings up a bunch of options on the right.

On the right, enable 'Short Date & Time' (or there are other options to choose from - this one seemed the closest formatting to the windows version).

If changing the key combination is important, double click the shortcut mapping and choose a new one. I tried setting it to Command-; like windows, but that didn't seem to work in Evernote - it just highlighted the 'Edit' menu. I set mine to Shift-Command-D (d for 'date'...) and that seems to work in Evernote, at least. (Not so much in other apps like iTerm2 and chrome which appear to reserve those combinations already).


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shift-command-underline works to insert the date on a Mac by default. Just used it.

I found it a long time ago, but it is not in any documentation I can find.

I appear to be using Evernote for Mac 1.11.0. I probably won't update it if this doesn't work for others.

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We added a shortcut to insert date and a shortcut to insert time in the Mac Client in the 3.0.7 Beta 1. You'll see it in the public release soon-ish

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