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paperless Getting receipts into EN on a Mac

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I'm trying to adapt to putting all of my receipts into EN and was curious as to the best method in a Mac environment. I currently don't have an iPhone/iPad so my only real options are either scan or iSight.

Scanning seems like it would have the best image, however takes the longest. What I'd like to do is just create an iSight note. Do iSight notes get OCR'd or is any part of the image itself searchable? Is it attached as a JPEG and basically would be the same as if it were taken on an iPad?


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An iSight note should get uploaded as an image, so yes it should get OCRed and should be searchable. I'd be curious to know how it works out for you, so let us know!

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i don't know about isight. but, i do know about scanners. so do a lot of other people on the forums, and they have written lots about them. i would read around a bit to find out more, because i can pretty much guarantee you that my fujitsu scansnap will be much quicker than isight. not only that, but it will ocr the file.

evernote will do ocr on your image, but it might take a while. it doesn't happen immediately.

the ipad camera is so-so, and does ok with receipts, but if you are planning to do this on any large scale, i'd strongly recommend getting a scanner.

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