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(Archived) EN becoming unresponsive



I just submitted a support ticket, and I think I'm likely to be stuck with this problem until Monday, but since it would be really unfortunate if EN remained unusable for the next two days, I figured I'd ask here whether anyone has experienced what I'm going through now and see whether anyone has advice.

Yesterday I decided to stop using Zendone and wanted to try to set up The Secret Weapon. I first deleted the default notebook I had created for Zendone, but I had trouble doing so, and renaming the other notebooks. I forget the nature of the glitches, and I didn't think to take screen grabs at the time. But then I started creating a number of tags and editing the names of some existing tags to try out the Secret Weapon system. But when I edited tag names, those names disappeared (see the gap in the middle where there should be a tag name):


To reset the correct tag view, I quit EN and restarted. That worked—until I renamed another tag, when the same thing happened. I quit and restarted EN a lot last night.

This morning I had the same problem with tags, and when EN prompted me by saying a new version was available, I downloaded it, hoping that my using an old version was the source of the problem. Since downloading the new one, however, the problems have gotten worse. The attached screen grabs show some of the things I've been seeing this morning.



And I have screen shots of EN being unresponsive to tag and notebook selection, but apparently the previous three attachments have filled up nearly 400 KB of my upload space (really?), so I can't attach any more. If anyone wants to see those, I'll upload them online somewhere to share them.

Does anyone have any idea what might have caused this, and how I can get EN to start working again? Do I just need to wait for EN support on Monday?

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