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(Archived) iPhone Local searching the most desire/longing feature

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If there is one thing I really wanted in Evernote for iPhone, it will be Local searching. I don't need huge space since mostly I am storing text or html file only.

Why local searching? eventhough, ATT claim 3G, it might not be 3G everywhere.

Any one know when iPhone evernote will have local searching?

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Storing your entire account on the iPhone with searching and synchronization will be a lot of work, and we don't have a specific date when this will be available.

In the short term, we're completing a rewrite of our IMAP/POP interfaces, which would allow you to have a copy of every note on your phone, via your standard mail application. (I realize that Apple did not add searching to their iPhone mail app, but this would allow you to browse and read offline.)

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