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(Archived) REQUEST: Sort list of linked notebooks in Copy/Move-to



This question below has not been answered.

There is no option to sort by title.

The problem I am describing below is with shared notebooks on Mac. Not sure if same issue is on Windows.



You can simply select the sort option by title in all notebooks in your accounts tab and the shared notebooks will also show up in this manner.


Evernote Support

Ticket Information: Ticket #: Date Created: 10/29/2011 02:15 PM PDT

Original Request:

Area: Mac

Title:Please sort the list of linked notebooks in Copy/Move-to

Details:The Linked notebooks in the Copy-to / Move-to function is not sorted. Am I missing something. It's mixed up. Can this be sorted alphabetically. Please see the picture:


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+1 on this.

Every time I go to Note>Copy to Notebook... the list of modifiable shared notebooks is completely rearranged in a totally unpredictable way. It's pretty frustrating to track which notebooks I've already copied it to when I need to copy something to every notebook on the list.

...Which brings me to another point... Feature request for the ability to copy to more than one notebook at a time! I guess I'd better bring this up separately, though.

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