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Forum for Home Improvement or DIY?

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It kind of falls under Craft, but on a much larger scale.

I use EN for everything around my house

  • track paint colors/names for each room
  • snap shot something, add text for what I need to fix it and go to home depot. i can show the HD staff what I'm talking about easily "Oh, you need a..."
  • Using Skitch with Evernote I can draw out initial ideas and concepts for around the house, even take a photo and draw on top of it.
  • I stripped a wall, ran wires through for TV and then before finishing it off I took a snap shot so I know where the wires are in the future
  • track what kind/size of filter my furnace uses
  • As I do small DIY projects i'll catalog what I'm doing as I do it, snap shot it and add notes. I have it available for friends and family who may want to do the same. I can also throw it up to my blog if I feel like really sharing.

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  • Evernote Staff

Definitely a good call, I do the exact same thing. We'll discuss. We're trying to organically grow discussion areas so they don't expand too quickly and without a decent level of activity and support. Plus we'll need to eventually figure out how to nest em. The categories are already getting a little long, eh?

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Posted · Hidden by charboyd, August 25, 2014 - unrelated post
Hidden by charboyd, August 25, 2014 - unrelated post

Hi Michel,

If you belong to Orange County California Aplushomeimprovements is a best contractor company there. other are Houzz is the best search engine for home contractor find.

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For me I think in 2016/2017, Forums used less than past days, you can search for home improvement or home decoration Ideas magazine, It will be better that you use one of the top magazines like " ElleDecor " or "Houzz" and " Decoration Ideas Magazine ". The best part that this will make you don't need forums anymore, you can find the latest interior design trends, and ask for any home improvement you need by contacting them in Social Medial.


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