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Keep track of the paints!

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I looovvveee Evernote, I could write a ton of different posts based on what I use it for. However, just last night I found a new use for it.

I recently purchased a house (yes, I used Evernote for EVERYTHING during the fix up & move) and we repainted every room. Last night I was in my basement looking for paint for the trim and realized that if I had only cataloged it with Evernote I'd know exactly what I was looking for.

So I went through the gallons of paint that I have, took a picture of the top of the can, which includes Home Depot's paint info.


I took a snap shot of the info, tagged it Paint and the name of the room it was used (my 5 yr old's room is very pink!), and BLAMO, I now know, forever, what paint i used where. No fear of running out and then trying to rematch it.


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