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(Archived) Help! Monthly usage in the 'RED' after excess deleted.

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I accidentally added some extremely large notes (big JPGs) and sent my monthly usage over the 75% and into the red zone.

When I got the warning about approaching my monthly limit I immediately deleted the offending notes. That was days ago and my usage meter continues to show me well into the red, whereas I estimate I should be down around 30%. BTW I did 'Empty Trash' after I deleted. I'm running the latest version for the Mac.

Anyone have any idea what the problem is? Can it be fixed?


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If you synced those big notes to the server and only then deleted, the deletion will not lower your monthly upload allowance. We do not count the amount of data on the server; we count the amount of data transfer per month.

On the contrary, if you create some big notes and delete them before they get synced, this should bring your monthly upload allowance to the previous level.

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