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(Archived) does not work: Tipp: Bilder in Evernote-Notizen um 90 Grad drehen

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i just read that post.(german language)

described is how to rotate an image inside a note, but it does not really work.

obviously, the most programs to edit images *read* the EXIF information, which EN does not.

that was the trick i tried before and now verified again.

XNView (on Windows) or Preview.app (on Mac) shows the image in correct orientation, so rotating it won't work.

(how often should an image rotated, if it is in the correct orientation? at least XMView in the current Version has a Bug which rotates wrongly....)

The trick is to do *something* with the shown image, so the SAVE-option is available. Then you can save the image and EN is updating.

Quite a annoying, inconvenient, user-unfriendly process imho.

i will stop subscribing those tips, because its mostly marketing....


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