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(Archived) Splitting/Extracting PDFs App with EN?



Once a month I get a large multi-page statement covering several different properties. I have been using PDF Suite to then manually separate the document into smaller PDFs. This works fine except I'd rather just import the entire PDF into EN and split up within EN.

Issue I have with PDF Suite is that you cannot send a newly extracted PDF directly into EN, it must be saved somewhere else first.

Any recommendations or know of any EN friendly PDF apps?

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To be clear, your talking about sending the extracted PDF to a folder on my computer then later drag into EN?

I was playing around with extracting pages out of Preview. What is interesting is that you can select a page and drag it to the desktop or someplace but can't drag it into EN. Too bad, tired of storing pdfs in halfway houses.



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You can define a folder as an "Import Folder" (via ~Tools ~Import Folders in my Vista version) which means that if your PDF file gets dragged or saved there, it will automatically get sucked into Evernote. But I notice you want to split files up once they're in Evernote - why? If you save a 10-page document as an unprotected PDF file all the pages will be indexed and therefore searchable. If you want to have these pages as separate notes, why save into Evernote first? Extract the pages on your desktop and dump the separated sections into your import folder..

Most PDF editing software can extract single or groups of pages to another file - I use Adobe which certainly can. Have a look at the help screens in your software of choice.

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The 10-20 page document are scanned in summary sheets and checks on multiple investment properties. I started splitting them up awhile back an storing on dropbox so that I could compare each individual property against itself over multiple months. So basically I start with one large pdf each month and then break them into 7 parts. If I left it as a single large/pdf each month it is true, I could use the search feature, but what I really need to look at is not pinpointed data but property X in Nov vs property in Oct.

The reason I started to save in EN to start with is because I receive the statement via email and they are forwarded into EN.

I was successful in deleting a page within a pdf within a note by Opening via Preview, deleting the page and saving a new version which automatically updated the EN note. What I'm still trying to figure out is how to break apart a pdf in one note into multiple notes. I hear what you are saying about the import folder, but I'm really trying to use EN in as few as steps as possible.

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