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Evernote app on Kindle Fire...

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I have a Kindle 3, 3G. It's the one that was released last year & goes by K3 or now, Kindle keyboard, I guess, b/c it still has the non-virtual keyboard. I also have a lighted cover. I cannot tell you how much I love this setup. It uses e-ink which means you can read it easily in direct sunlight. The lighted cover means I always have a light with me & can read it in bed w/o having to turn a light on & disturb Mr. Fries. And no more dealing with the lights that clip onto the book & regularly fall down when reading a paperback when lying down. :) I just love it. It's not very good for magazines or books which rely on a lot of photos (IE cookbooks, photography books, etc) b/c the photos just don't display all that well b/c it's not color. (Although you can view the same book from say the Mac or Windows Kindle app & see the lovely photos.) Also, I have eye issues. E-ink is supposed to be better for your eyes than backlit screens. Bottom line, IMO, if you want a Kindle primarily for reading, it (or the current equivalent) is perfect.

Initial impressions of the Fire are that I love it. You have to keep in mind it's not an iPad. (This is reinforced by the fact that it's less than half the price of the "cheapest" iPad.) So if you have an iPad & love it & use it, the Fire may be a disappointment. Although I'd love to have an iPad, I didn't want to spend the money on one. I have an iPhone 4G which I use a lot. I anticipated carrying the Fire in my tote, whenever I leave the house & use it for note taking when I want to write more than is "comfortable" on my phone. Another reason I wasn't fully on board with an iPad - b/c I don't relish the idea of carrying a $500+ item around in my tote. I've installed Handrite Pro, Skitch & Evernote. I created a couple of test notes with Skitch, which integrates seamlessly with Evernote, BTW! Props to the EN/Skitch team for that! Also created a note in the EN app & that went well. EN is still sync'ing. (I have a LOT of notes!) So hopefully tomorrow, I'll be able to play more with the EN app.

The lack of an SD card or models with more storage is supposedly not an issue b/c Amazon serves as it's own cloud, just as iTunes does. IE, any music or ebooks you buy from Amazon are always available for re-download. So if you know you're going to be away from WIFI for several days, you can load up the books you want to read. Ebooks don't take up a lot of space. So you can have more books than most people would be able to read in a month on a Kindle. MP3s also don't take up a lot of space, so you can carry a lot of your songs with you. Movies...well, that's another story. IDK how many movies you can fit on a Kindle. But the point is that when you do hook up to WIFI, you can delete things off your Kindle & download anything else that you've already purchased. (or, of course, purchase new stuff.)

AND...I have Mywi app on my iPhone. (Requires JB.) It allows my iPhone to act as a WIFI hotspot. So my WIFI only Fire has internet access anywhere my phone does. B) Which means I can also use it for Evernote, websites and (ta, da!) it was announced that Logmein has released an "ignition" for the Fire!!! Alas, the app is $30, so I'm holding off on that for now. I have it on my iPhone & use it regularly. So I'll probably eventually get it for the Fire.

You can side load other music & apps (I'm told) that you didn't get through Amazon.

Having said all this, I anticipate still using my K3 for reading. But I suspect the Fire, especially paired with my phone is going to be a killer combo for me.

And, at the risk of being a buzzkill, I tend to think initial impressions are good. But followup reviews are the true test. It will be interesting to see if I'm equally jazzed six months from now.

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Ok, now, when going into EN, I get the message that EN requires an SD card...it's preparing the SD card... ??? I'm just trying to sync the header info, no offline notebooks. I'm checking the storage info & it shows 6.11 GB of 6.54 GB available... not sure why this is popping up now. I've gone into the EN app at least ~10 times today...

Ok...I'd tried going into EN a couple of times & got that message. Then I went to check the device info to make sure I had plenty of storage available. Then I tried EN again & now I'm back in...

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BNF - keep us posted on your experience with the Fire. Using it with Evernote is one of the reasons I would get one - like you, I have the Kindle 3-3G and love it.

Are you able to access your notes via the Fire's web browser and going to the Kindle mobile web site? My phone is a Blackberry Torch and the BB Evernote app just doesn't work so I access my notes on my phone via the web browser. If I need to compose a note from the phone, I do it via e-mail. If I need to edit an existing note.... well, I haven't figured that part out.

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The newly released Android 3.3 should have fixed this problem regarding the SD Card Issue. I broke down last night and bought a Fire and so far so good, Evernote works seamlessly with it. Now my arms are not aching when reading a book with it as they were using my iPad. So far loving the Kinde FIre

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Thanks, Phil (about the update)!

You know it's funny you mention aching arms! When using the Fire when lying down, I wondered about that. I know several people who have iPads & love them. I guess they sit up & use them b/c since they are heavier than a Fire, I would find it uncomfortable. Maybe I'm just lazier than they are. :wub:

I agree that Evernote (and Skitch) work seamlessly on the Fire. If EN didn't, I would be less enthralled with the Fire. Skitch is the icing on the cake.

I'm now a Fire owner for ~48 hours...so far, so good...still loving it. Haven't been able to devote as much time to it as I'd like (of course), yet.

And for those of you who are purists... one Fire vs iPad review stated that the scrolling on the Fire is not as smooth. I'd have to say I think that's true. Scrolling on the Fire seems to be a bit jerky while scrolling on my iPhone is very smooth. But for the money, I'd have to say I think the Fire (so far) is amazing.

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Ok, just after I think I got all my headers/snippets & thumbnails downloaded/sync'd to the Fire, I did two things. I added the EN Pin AND I changed my device name. After that, each time I'd go into EN, I'd get a darkened screen, no notes & no input response. Not sure what happened there. But I deleted the app & reinstalled & back to syncing... Oh, I'd also played with some of the EN sync settings & enabled offline search.

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Need to find out if my wife and I can share books (she'll be getting the Touch for Christmas, shhhh)...

Yes, you can. But I think you don't want to read them simultaneously, if you're on the same Amazon account b/c it only keeps one bookmark. If you are on separate Amazon accounts, you can loan books out, but not while reading them yourself. At least that's my understanding.

An interesting blog is ILoveMyKindle.com - he's very knowledgeable and posts lists of free books from Amazon.

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If you have multiple kindle clients on (Kindle, desktop, mobile, cloud) registered to the same account, you can disable Device Synchronisation in the Manage My Kindle section of the Amazon Account Settings page(s). This let's you read a book on one kindle and not have the latest page read synchronised to other devices.

Oh, and lucky yanks. Getting the latest Kindles. We're still waiting for lending to be enabled in the UK.

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So far my Kindle Fire is pretty useful gadget, besides the media content. Using EN and Skitch to design a game for the Fire, EN is a great tool. I assume it is Fire's version of Android specific, but when you use Create Shortcut, where does the shortcut go?

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Is it just me?? I loaded the Evernote App on my Kindle Fire and the ICON is always "Image not Available". I uninstalled, tried again, and still won't display the Evernote ICON on the APP page. It's sort of weird having to tap "Image Not Available" to start Evernote.

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So far I'm loving my Kindle Fire. It's probably no iPad killer, but I couldn't afford one of those so I can't really compare. What I have noticed is that apps are trickling into the Amazon app store. I guess porting things over isn't as straight up as I was hoping it would be.

I just downloaded Evernote and I'm pretty impressed at how well it works on a mobile platform. I've been using it on my desktop at home and work, but I've never really messed with the mobile client. Anyway, I do have a couple of questions.

How do I delete tags and notebooks on the Fire version of Evernote? I can't figure this out for the life of me and quick internet searches are coming up empty so far. Also, when I went to the web version of Evernote using the silk browser (I was going to delete tags and notebooks from there instead), the page essentially froze. It would only hesitatingly scroll, but nothing seemed "clickable". So I couldn't highlight a tag from all view and use the trashcan to delete it. Basically, the page rendered, but I could hardly interact with it. Bascially, all I could do was scroll off and on.



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I love my Kindle Fire, too! How do I update EN on it? I seem to recall seeing that someone had done a uninstall/reinstall - is that the only way? I am presuming it is if I want the latest beta version ...

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When I select a tag in the Kindle Fire version, I can't find a way back to the complete list of tags. It just stays with the selected tag at the top of the screen and no amount of clicking on the tag icon returns to the list of tags. So as of now the Fire version is not too useful and I uninstalled. Any ideas on how to get from a list of items under a specific tag back to the full list of tags in the Fire version?

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Anyone aware of how to use EN on the Kindle fire when there is no wifi connection. I just took it on a trip where there is no wifi and was not able to access any of my pdf files, emails etc on EN. All I was able to see were simple typed notes and the headers of all the notes. Any note that had any kind of file was not accessible. This is not the situation with my android phone which has all this stuff stored on the memory stick ie: I can access any file in EN on my android even with no wifi.

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