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(Archived) please remember the position when jumping to a inline note link.




i use the feate "link for a note" because it is very useful.

problem is, when i'm in a note, say on line 3000 and then click on a green link, and then use the "back/forward" menu-buttons on that note to go back to the origin note, i'm not a the same position as is was leaving this note. so i need to scrool down again to that line 3000.

you can imagine, that it is not very convenient to do this a lot of times, nor it is easy, because remembering the correct position will need more RAM in the brain. unfortunately i'm very old, so i only have 8MB of RAM and it's swapping and swapping :-)

so, i'd like to request something, which should be the normal behaviour when leaving a note via a link to another note, and then come back with the back-button: remember the focus/line and restore it.

that behaviour should be with all notes.either the ones, i leave with a link, or just leave while opening another note.

remembering the last position was -afaik- requested by other users here sometimes.

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