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(Archived) Evernote Premium vs. AskSam Professional

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I'd truly like to hear from the Evernote community on how Evernote & AskSam Professional compare. Evernote's essentially free (though I've opted for the premium account) whereas AskSam is seriously expensive.

Both (to me) appear to do much the same thing...serve as a repository for the bits of our digital lives.

What advantage does AskSam offer?

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Funny b/c the way I got started with Evernote is after dealing with AskSam. I realized I needed a tool to archive & organize emails. AskSam was the tool I found. And yes, it's seriously expensive. But I thought if it would do what I needed it to do, I would buck up & fork over the big dollars. I don't know about the current version, but the version back then had such an ugly UI...but again, I wanted function over form. I forget what happened...I think I had issues getting the trial installed & had emailed support a couple of times with no response. Anyway, that's why I bagged AskSam. If you're going to charge me the big bucks, then you better reply to my support requests!!! That's when I started archiving my emails in Evernote. Back then (version 3.1), EN had a "subject date". (Which I suspect is the field for the "due date" field that will eventually make it's way into Evernote.) Using the Outlook plugin for Evernote, I could send emails from Outlook to Evernote & the subject date was set to the date the email was received. Very cool. So a few years later & we're now at EN4. The subject date is gone but I still use EN to archive emails. I prefer to auto forward ones from work & my husband. Others are forwarded manually.

Anyway, I suggest you try it for a while to see if it's going to work for you. I know you say you've already gone premium, so I guess you like EN for at least some other reasons. The one issue could be volume b/c EN does cap you at 1 gig for premium accounts & AskSam didn't. I don't know anything about their current product, so if they don't have a cloud, that's an advantage of EN. Since AskSam seemed geared toward the legal community, I'm guessing cloud may not be an option. I hope someday there will be more tiers of upload. Until then, I store some notes in local/non-sync'd notebooks & move them to sync'd notebooks toward the end of each cycle, when I know how much upload I have left.

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The Ask Sam website looks amateurish and turned me off immediately.

Ask Sam Price ranges from standard $150 to professional $400. ($2,000 for pro 5 user)

Current user base

Ask Sam: 350 thousand

Evernote: 10 million (June 2011)

Ask Sam Awards - the first award mentioned is a 2004 SIA Winner award. Could not find anything current.

Ask Sam offers 2 day training courses at their site for $1,000. Evernote does not need to.

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Another difference: AskSam allows saving linked web pages. You can save not just the current web page but every page that is hyper-linked on the web page that you are on (even more than one level). This is efficient if you want to get many linked pages. Web Clipper only allows you saving the web page that you have open in your browser.

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