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(Archived) Emailing notes


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If you email a note does that include attachments with the content? Haven't checked, but I thought a query elsewehere in the forum said only the note content is emailed?? Either way, there seem to be three options:

  • email the note to yourself; forward to the end-recipient and edit the content as necessary, or
  • click/ drag the attachments to your desktop, right-click and ~send to, or
  • share the note and right-click the attachments via the web URL. Copy the attachment locations and share that URL (usually note url+filename) in your email.

-I'd be interested to know which one works for you...

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The only practical solution appears to be #2 - save the attachment somewhere, then email it using normal (non-Evernote) processes. I don't like using the desktop, but of course it is convenient, and at least you get a visual reminder to clean up afterwards!

It would be good to have a better way, though, which would act like the normal right-click "Send-to" option in Windows Explorer. This would save the attachment somewhere, create the email, and attach it. Presumably a configuration option would allow the user to specify a directory to be used for that purpose.

Of course it gets more complicated if you want to send more than one attachment at a time ... or attachments from multiple notes ... etc etc!

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