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(Archived) Feature Request: text margin inside editor



Hi all,

The current editor in OSX has no text margins at the top and bottom of the editor window. The text lined against the top and bottom part of the editor window. This just does not feel right. Not sure if it also applies to the Windows and Web clients

I would like to request a white space / margin at the top and bottom of the editor window. For a good measure I would like the left and right margins to increase as well.

This will increase the readability of the editor window.



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It personally doesn't bother me but I think that it would be a great opional feature, but not when clipping web pages into it. It should leave them as is as they have their own margin. I think a flexible margin like this would be good (see sceenshot) but without the header and footer. It is from the word processor Nisus Writer Pro

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I too would like to see a User Option of having the editor have one free line top and bottom to then receive Web clippings, so that you don't get locked into using the font/font size of the text you're pasting from a webpage and can use your default style to annotate above and below the clipping. Thanks!

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