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(Archived) Feature request: Full screen for notes

Randal V


Good morning,

I like working in the cleanest interface possible, and I was wondering when you are going to create a full screen mode for notes themselves. Ideally, I'd also like to make the notes black and type in white, which I was able to do in MacJournal, but full screen would be a big step.


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Just tossing this out there -- I've become a big fan of using WriteRoom and QuickCursor on my mac for a nice full screen editing view. This is not just an evernote solution; it is available now all the time, but I MOSTLY use it for Evernote. See http://www.hogbaysoftware.com/

For those who don't know, WriteRoom is a nice, simple full screen text editor. The current version (3.0, Lion only) has "themes" you can use and modify to achieve a writing environment that works for you. The full screen mode blocks out distractions really well. Plus you can change the font size for viewing your writing without actually changing the font formatting (since it is just plain text under the hood).

QuickCursor is a little app that sits in your menu bar and lets you launch whatever text editor you want. You can assign keyboard shortcuts as well.

So my workflow in EN IF I'm going to write something at all lengthy:

1. Create my note.

2. Click in the main text area for the note (not the title)

3. Hit *****+cmd+E (my custom shortcut) to fire up WriteRoom.

4. Go into WR's full screen view and type away!! I can even see word count if I want.

5. Exit the full screen view, then hit cmd+W (close window) to close the WR window. At this point, EN pops back up and my text from WR is now in the note.

A while back I did a search either here or in WR forums and read reports that WR+QC didn't work with Evernote. I have found that to NOT be the case; it usually works just fine. I have noticed a few quirks though:

1. It works best if WR is configured to open new documents with STANDARD windows (not automatically going into fullscreen). I had issues when it was set to automatically go into full screen. Sometimes it wouldn't show the window for the EN text.

2. It works best to EXIT WR's full screen mode (my step 5 above) before closing the window. If I DON'T do that, the window closes and my text gets sent to EN, but the EN app doesn't come back to the forefront. I have to switch over manually

3. QC handles plain text only, so don't use it on notes where you have rich formatting (WR itself can edit RTF files, but QuickCursor only handles plain text). HOWEVER, you can use QC on a selection rather than an entire EN note. So for instance, if I want to edit some text in a note that also contains a picture, I select just the text before hitting my shortcut. Just be careful; it would be easy to wipe out your attachments and formatting.

4. You must CLOSE the window rather than QUIT WR when you are ready to go back to EN.

A benefit of this whole setup is that you can also pop open WR from other applications. For example, I'm writing this post in WR right now, rather than squinting at the little "reply to this topic" box.

Also, I am currently doing this on Lion. However, I ALSO did the same with my old mac on Snow Leopard and it worked just fine there as well, though you need an earlier version WR since 3.0 is Lion only.

I have no connection with Hogs Bay Software other than a happy customer :)

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