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(Archived) HTC Jetstream - Dream Feature Request


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I have to say, I love HTC Notes on my Jetstream tablet (and on my rooted HTC Incredible)! I actually prefer it to the Evernote app for Android thanks mainly to these reasons...

  • Integration with calendar allows me to link a note with a meeting. Awesome!
  • Time stamping - I can start recording audio when my meeting starts, then when I enter a written note a time stamp is automatically set. This means that i don't have to listen to the entire recording to remember what folks were saying when i jotted down my text. Awesome!
  • The highlight feature - I can long press some text within my note, then select "highlight" which is included in the copy/paste menu that pops up. Awesome!
  • Typing inline... I can't stand the text editor box that opens at the bottom of the screen in the Evernote app.

I'd really prefer if the Evernote Android app had these features so i could use them with any Android device. What do you think Evernote? I bet you could even do better. ;-) Here are a couple of my dream features...

  • In addition to "highlight", The long press menu would include my other must have format options... Bullet, Checkbox, and Bold.
  • Calendar integration on my Android would also sync up with my Outlook desktop calendar. Super Awesome! :P


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Thanks for the feedback JoshC.

The integration with calendar is on our list, and the timestamp feature sounds very interesting.

Typing inline is not supported only when the note contains some formatting that we don't support with the note editor. We are working on supporting more styling so it should happen less often.

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