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(Archived) Date display and sorting in full screen



I just recently finally got on board with Lion. I'm finding that I like using the full-screen Evernote view, but one thing seems a bit buggish to me. In the NORMAL (not-full screen) thumbnail or snippet view, the date shown for each note is either the created or updated date, and it (smartly) changes depending on how you are sorting. So if I'm sorting by Date Updated, I see the date each note was updated. If I swap to sort by created date, same thing, the dates shown in the view change to show the created dates for the notes.

However, in full screen view, it seems to ALWAYS show the Updated date instead of created, regardless of how I'm sorting my notes.

This creates some very weird looking results that completely threw me off. For instance, say I'm searching for notes by date. I find a bunch of notes that were created back in July. In the full-screen view, I see these notes grouped under the "July 2011" heading, which is correct. But then when scanning through the notes, I see dates all over the place, because I edited many of these notes in later months. They are basically being sorted by a criteria I can't see (created date) without double-clicking each note and looking at the note info.

This also makes it impossible to use full-screen to find a particular note by created date -- Say I'm looking for a note I KNOW I created sometime in mid-July. I want to see my notes by created date and scan through the titles and dates to find what I need, but I really can't since the updated dates throw it off.

It would be way better if full screen worked the same as snippet view and showed the note date that corresponds to how you are sorting the notes. When sorting by other fields (such as Title), it could just use a default (either created or updated date) since in that instance it doesn't really matter.

It would also be really nice to be able to change the sorting WITHIN full-screen view, rather than having to go back to normal view to switch.

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