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(Archived) Feature required: printing the results for a search

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In Windows, just run the search and right click on the titles, then select them, or Ctrl A.

Select "Copy Note Links" and you get something like this (from my Politics notebook):

  • Operation Gunwalker and the Mexican cartels
  • Obama overruled top Pentagon, DOJ lawyers on Libya war powers
  • Friday night news dump: White House to end ObamaCare waiver program
  • At Netroots Nation, Progressives Decry Obama Policies
  • Obama: 'If You Want Partisan Rhetoric, I'm Not Your Guy'
  • WH to Congress: The War Powers Act doesn’t apply to Libya because we’re not engaged in “hostilities”
  • Obama says ATM's are causing unemployment
  • Czechs withdraw from US missile-defense plans
  • Obama 2012 Reelection Campaign: 'Hope' And 'Change' Aren't Enough To Inspire Voters
  • Inflation rises to highest level in 3 years, key manufacturing index goes negative

p.s. I added the bullets after pasting in the results.


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