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(Archived) Safari Web Clipper EDAMError_8_username error




Mac OSX Lion/Safari 5.1.1. I've installed the Web Clipper to the Safari toolbar. Now when I click the Evernote icon, I get a login box, but when I input the correct credentials produce the following error: EDAMError_8_username. Using the Firefox Web Clipper on the same system works perfectly, with no login dialogue.

Nothing's come up on a Google or forum search.

Any ideas?



Canterbury UK

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There is a bug that prevents you from using your email address when logging in. Try using just your Evernote username and you should be fine. We are fixing this so next version will allow login with email address as well.

Let me know if this doesn't work.

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@metrodon - yes, several times!

@jbignert - the web clipper dialogue refuses to accept my email address, and the Evernote username produces the Edam error. i can get around it with Firefox, although the clips aren't as pretty (i.e. they aren't exact replicas of the web page)


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