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(Archived) Can I extract (audio) from a note's exported file?



If I added an mp3 or ogg file to a note and export it to enex format, is there a way to extract the audio file?

Can I do the same for an enex file that contains multiple notes, each of which contains file attachments?

Maybe there's a utility to peek into and work with enx files?

Thanks in advance.

I haven't upgraded to Lion yet (wary of battery life) so I can't get the latest client (yet).

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I'm PC but I think this works on the Mac side, too. You cannot pull the file from the enex file. However, if you export to html, I think the attachments are exported as well. So export to html & then look around in the folder you exported to (& any sub folders that were created) for an mp3 or ogg file.

On the Windows client, you can right click the audio file icon in the note & say "open with Quicktime". If your version of Quicktime (or whatever player you have installed that will play that file type" allows you to save the file, you can also do it that way, just as you would with a PDF.

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