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(Archived) Bug: editing any long note

Denis Volk

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The bug appears every time I try to edit any long enough note on my Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 2.3.3.

In Edit window I cannot see the entire note but only a truncated version, from the beginning to some point. Perhaps the length of the truncated text is the same, I did not check explicitly.

So I cannot add text to the end of the note, and I cannot even modify it because it would be saved in a truncated version. In View mode (without editing) everything works fine though. The entire note is displayed.

PS Is this forum a correct place to submit such bugs?

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Too bad that these problems with editing notes on Android are still present.

Because of that I only use Evernote on Android in view mode for now.

However, I do believe that the Evernote Android team will come up with

reliable client, even though my feeling is that it might still take a while...

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