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I actually use evernote a lot. The only thing I dont really like is the search. If I use the search to find a note like this. I type a domainname "domain-xyz.net", then evernote shows all notes, where it can find "domain-xyz.net". Thats fine. Now I click on a note and it opens, but the search highlights the terms as if I would have searched without the " character. Everywhere in the note "domain", "xyz" and "net" is highlighted. But I would love to find only the phrase "domain-xyz.net". I am not sure if this happens only in the mac-version, but this is really anoying if you have many long notes and you have to search inside a note with scrolling through all the highlighted words...

Is there a solution for this problem?

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Try using the sourceurl search. That might eliminate the highlighting. Some URLs require the www. and others don't


for the Drudge Report


for Hotair.com


for the DailyCaller


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I understood OP to be asking to find the text "domain-xyz.net" in the note body, as if that's one word. Nettec, is that right? I just tried your search on my Windows client, and it worked for me. (That said, searching "nytimes.com" turned up all in-text URLs that include "nytimes.com," so including "http://nytimes.com/XYZ." I'm not sure whether you were trying to exclude those.)

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