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(Archived) Do "downloaded" notes stay mobile phone memory?


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This is only for the notes that you have opened, unless you got a premium account. What happens is that whenever you open a note, it downloads it off the Internet from the EverNote servers, unless you made the note on your device. The data that is downloaded, or all of the note data, is stored on your SD card and doesn't really take up a lot of space.

For free users, since it's 60MB a month, the most evernote will store assuming that all of the notes are set to sync to EverNote's Servers, then it generally will not take up a lot of space.

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Notebooks are stored on the server and on any installed desktop application. Working data is downloaded to mobiles as needed - when you read a PDF file forinstance.

If you want to have your data available on a mobile for an offline search, go to Settings and choose one or more notebooks as "offline". The notebook will then download fully. If you do so and then decide to save the space on your device, make sure you have completed a full sync with the server, then go to settings and cancel the choice, and (same menu) clear the cache and clear the history.

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