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(Archived) Web-clipping bookmarklet doesn't capture URL?


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I love the bookmarklet, but unless I've missed something, it doesn't capture the URL of the web page.

Often, I want to capture the URL, so I can get back to that page later, if necessary. So, presesently, I have to manually copy the URL, then go to evernote, log in, find the new note, click edit, then add the URL manually to the note. Is it not possible for the bookmarklet to capture the URL automatically?

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The "source URL" for the page is preserved when you clip it, and you can view it in the web UI when you expand the "Note Attributes". It's also exposed in the two desktop clients, although in a slightly different UI on Windows (via a little icon in the top-left corner of the note).

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With source urls, I think the web UI should behave similarly to the desktop client. An icon/button that opens the source url, instead of having to dig it out of the note attributes. The full url should still be shown within note attributes.

One use of evernote with great potential is as a replacement for delicious (you even devote some space to explaining how to import from delicious), yet having to use 2 clicks to get that url opened is clumsy, detracting from evernote's use as a powerful bookmark manager.

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