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(Archived) Possible Feature Request: Note Templates

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I'm just playing with Evernote as a new user.

I currently use MemoLeaf (http://www.redwood-creative.com/global/memoleaf.htm) to do note taking on my Palm treo, and a feature that I like in that package is note templates.

This allows me to create a special type of note with placeholders, and then say "give me a new note based on this template". I do this for my weekly group meetings - the template looks like this:

Group Meeting - $YYYY-$MM-$DD

Then when I create a new note from it, it fills in the year/month/day as above.

An alternative might be a simple "duplicate note" or "copy note" option, which I also didn't see in either the web or the windows interfaces.

Oh, and FWIW - I would definitely like to see a native Palm version of Evernote, instead of the web version. I might even pay for it, if it existed! :)

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We're interested in adding support for some form of note templates, but this is a little ways out while we work through various platform issues with our note editing engines.

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